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We spoke and brainstormed with 10 creative and culturally-leading Amsterdammers about what makes living in Amsterdam and an Amsterdam home, unique from any other city in the world and how music plays a role.

With SONOS brand locations in other cities, we were challenged to discover insights from an evening session, followed up with spying on 2 people in their homes, that could help to make the experience and programming, resonant with the Amsterdam creative and musically experimental, community




thisMemento had the privilege to actively work on diving deep into one of the most iconic and culturally relevant silhouettes the Swoosh has ever produced...he Air Max Plus aka the TN, to re-blaze a path for it in Europe.

CHATELET - tM x HOAX - 18.png

With exciting plans in store, Nike wanted to bring these to life through local insights and authentic consumer stories. Together with brothers in arms; director Rutger van Leeuwen of Lewis+Humphreys and DOP Wouter Koomen, thisMemento ventured to London and Paris. Capturing the stories of infamous Nike pioneer Miniswoosh and king of the banlieu Toomany around their explicit love for the baddest shoe on the block.

thisMemento collaboratively created a number of consumer films and in-home photography to help drive the TN story and legacy for Nike’s key partners and future plans. 




Sun & Sands Sports and Nike, one of the biggest distribution partnerships in the Middle East, asked us to help their team to dig into Al Hilal, the most successful football club in the entire region. The objective was to strategically position the club internally, for its fans, Nike design & Brand communicators and kit launches. 


The 3 month project included 2 trips to Dubai, mentoring the local Nike team to distill key insights, positioning and launch ideas coming from extensive talks with Al Hilal fans, young football players, the club, regional experts and actual football legends. 

The results, directly manifested from the gained insights, have been simply put quite amazing...
The launch of the kit has taken the region and social media by storm, especially SnapChat with Al Hilal's dedicated #bluesupreme Shark lens. A music video directed by acclaimed Saudi director Majed Alesa and singer Mshj3 Mosfer, gaining 1M views in just 2 days (currently 2.3M!) and local activation by organising a 7ARA football tournament with local talent on and off the pitch. 

Finally, Nike has collaborated with a local graffiti artist, Rashid Mohammed Al-Motaeeb, to celebrate the legacy and heritage of Al-Hilal FC and its fans.

Al-Motaeeb created an art piece featuring a shark representing the fierceness and speed of Al-Hilal, swimming through a blue ocean and huge waves that represent the unlimited passion of its supporters.

To conclude, even the Royal Family had something to say about the campaign. HRH Prince Nawaf Bin Saad Al Saud, Chairman, Al-Hilal FC, expressed his delight for launching the new home kit for Al-Hilal.

“My best wishes for both Al-Hilal and Nike in achieving success together through our continued partnership.” 




Carhartt Workwear is one of the original, and premium, global workwear brands. In the US, it’s been seen that way for 128 years, but in Europe it’s also seen as a lifestyle brand.
The challenge for the European organisation was to unpack how UK & German tradesman, perceived the brand and what products they needed and wanted.

With a mixture of street recruitment (standing outside building sites!) and our network of people we know who are proud of working with their hands, we spent 1 hour each; on site or in the workshop, of 10 diverse tradesman in Hamburg, and 10 in Manchester. We talked about their work and business motivations, their product needs and the view of Carhartt in workwear and lifestyle.

From the 20 plus hours of talking, we distilled it to main insights, strategic recommendations and 1 European consumer persona. We bought the consumer to life by creating a film with one of our crafted-tradesman and the film production crew Grndp from Rotterdam - all shared with the Brand’s European and Global leaders




The sports media landscape, including Eurosport, is being challenged by evolving needs among their consumers. With an aging audience in The Netherlands, Eurosport was looking to understand how to potentially re-connect with a younger sports-loving age group.


How better get a grip on their needs, than actually observe them consume sports with their friends? Together with the participating client team, thisMemento visited 3 sports fans in their homes. Each deep-dive included a 1:1 interview session, a focus group with his sports obsessed mates, and observation of their behavior during a match/game.

While remaining brand neutral, we uncovered their needs, wants & desires of a sports channel, their preferences in terms of apps and devices, and their vision of the future of sports consumption.

Two 1-hr expert interviews with a renowned sports marketer and a successful online sports editor, helped in putting what we’d seen & heard, into a wider perspective.

During a joint 1-day Ideation workshop with the client team, we unraveled the patterns and drew the outline of its meaning to Eurosport. The 8 insights, , along with a consumer profile, helped Eurosport in the  evolution from a traditional sports provider, to a more contemporary sports, home base.





The sneaker game is quite the male dominated realm…but what needs to be done to get the girl’s attention?


Nike Sportswear Western Europe approached us with a simple, but big question…Who is the sneakers ’n lifestyle-loving woman, and how do we serve her better? 

Say no more… thisMemento hunted down a diverse group of 20 independent boss ladies across London and Paris to have a chat with them, focus group style. The results unveiled the role of women in sneakers and lifestyle.

This information was all wrapped up in the pinnacle NSW consumer muse; our lil’ bad ass power woman better known as Camille. Bringing her to life through photography and film, rooted in the key insights which the ladies helped us discover.

Overall, the work informed and inspired NSW in terms of brand strategy, communications, retail, product design and Nike's overal refocus towards the female consumer. 




this Memento

To know the motivations of a player is to understand their drives on and off-season.
Nike Football WE asked us to find out what these kids do before their season kicks-off. 

The thisMemento crew deep-dived into the lives of 12 football heads across the UK, France & Germany to really understand everything there is to know about this punishing & blistering time called Pre-season. With a mixture of in depth interviews, watching them train in 30 degree heat, peer sessions and listening to coaches and scouts from English Premier league to grassroots level, we learned what it really means to fully dedicate your life to the beautiful game.

The results directly influenced and inspired the Nike Global Football category for their consumer journeys and were visualised with an insights and consumer film with our fam Fono Amsterdam. 




Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 17.07.28.png

The global football team of Nike has a deep understanding of the football culture; serving the football players for the 11 aside game. But how can Nike create innovative products for off the 11-aside pitch?

“This is football. Before formation, tradition or restriction. No stadiums, no rules, no studs. From the streets of São Paulo to the cages of Berlin. This is your game. This is not about playing for trophies, points or golden boots. The prize is bragging rights. Reputation, and it ’s all on the line.”

Brand, design, concept, product & merchandise directors formed this team; they were engaged from start to finish.

We immersed a cross-functional Nike Global and WE team in the lives of young football players in Barcelona, London and Berlin in 2 weeks. We searched for and co-created insights around the mind-set, attitude and motivations of the consumer, outside of the 11 aside game. The work (plus near mutiny from the team due to the punishing schedule) led to a new positioning within the Football category as well as defining product opportunities within the category.

The sharp insights, kick-ass quotes and good photography resulted in a highly visual and easy-to-grasp deck and film; created with our film partners Fono Amsterdam resulted in an innovative base for their Brand positioning and the creation of a
new product silo.


Converse EUROPE


thisMemento are a critical partner for Converse as we constantly look to sharpen our understanding of an ever changing consumer landscape in Europe. Their ability to reach the right people, ask the right questions and make sense of the answers has helped us greatly. They’re also quick, adaptable and a pleasure to work with.
— Alex Weller

Converse asked us to define & visualize their consumer to sharply position the skate-inspired line Converse CONS.

We took this opportunity to dive deep into the lives of active teenager across 5 European cities, gathering findings, from Barcelona bedroom beat-makers, up & coming London rappers, Berlin skaters and Parisian Minor Squad teen-club bangers.


We did what we do best, an ethnographic approach with in-depth interviews of people and their friends ending up visualising Pablo as the consumer muse for Converse Cons. We informed Global HQ on the market nuances, as well as the cross functional internal CONS team.  

For over more than year we continued to keeping a close eye on the target audience across Europe, gaining real-time insights through social listening visualised on a custom-made digital platform - their audience's live, at Converse's fingertips. 





Who is the basketball consumer in Europe, both West & East, and how can Nike and Brand Jordan connect to them?

The research was first executed in Western Europe (Paris, London and Berlin) and secondly in Eastern Europe (Moscow and Istanbul). The deep-dives consisted of ethnographic research and focus groups, covering different types of consumers that connected to the game of basketball (and its product) in their own way.

An engaging three-minute film was created to inspire all teams, capturing the attitudes of 2 main consumer-types and their love for the game and it's magnetic culture. 

We loved the players we met so much, we made a short film of Chinedu, one of our favorites coming out of London. Watch the profile film.




After their brand reset, O'Neill was ready to catch a new wave by diving deep into their young consumer target.

The legendary story of Jack O’Neill was known amongst the core surfers and snowboarders, but had the potential to connect with a more aspirational and younger consumer globally. thisMemento brought to life this twenty-something passionate in the surf & snow by executing an European ethnographic and focus group research. Delivering consumer insights and global strategic recommendations across the entire organization.


The global O’Neill team was pleasantly surprised by our unique delivery that unconventionally immersed them during our global insights presentation.

Ultimately, our consumer insights and strategic recommendations were used for each function across the entire organization for their future plans.