The People We've Met: Wei Prior


Last year, we had the pleasure of spending a day with Wei Prior — or Tyler George Ho Chuk Wai Prior, to be exact — as part of our work with Huawei. He is an Egyptian-Chinese Graphic Designer, Photographer, and Artist specialising in the deconstruction and questioning of his relationship with race, image, sound, and data. Recently, he initiated the world’s first exclusively AR exhibition.

His open journal of stories is titled Futurae Loka. From his manifesto: "The Latin word for the ‘Future’ is ‘Futurae’ and the Sanskrit word for ‘Human Race’ is ‘Loka’. This mark represents the mixed beauty of the heritage of the ‘Futurae Loka’ (A.K.A Earthlings of a mixed heritage background.)"

In the future, we aim to highlight more stories and works of the people we’ve met over the years.