Jason Fulton

Founder & CEO

In case you're wondering, yes our agency name's inspired by the movie Memento and its mazy plot. A bit of the puzzle here and there to solve the mystery ...

I’m the nosey guy who gets a buzz from seeing the big picture, or just a vague outline.
I love filing in the pieces and building something from small fragments of inspiration.

That's where I get my high.


Romy Uebel

Berlin Partner

When applying for a journalism school in 1997 a professor harshly summed up my approach as this: "Ah, you’re one of those, who want to meet interesting people, have fun and make money at the same time..?" He gave me one of the rare places and after finishing my studies I worked as a lifestyle and fashion journalist for almost 15 years.

Today I consult brands and companies, teach and support different nonprofit projects. I like biographies of highs and lows including doubts, failure and turning points. My intuition always helped me to see new opportunities, random encounters turned into new life chapters.

I strongly believe in networking, compassion and the power of change.
My work with thisMemento allows me to orchestrate spending time with people of all backgrounds, listening to their stories and getting a feeling for what drives them. Only today I value that my old professor was right…


Maartje van den Hurk

Researcher & Strategist

I like to see myself as an undefinable young creative, but in most people’s eyes I am a quirky/geeky Hypebeast or sneaker head. My most favourite things in the world are sneakers. They’re like me…colourful, sometimes full of surprises and expressive with a strong identity. 

I’ve worked in retail for as long as I can remember, and always try to stay up to date on new developments and innovations in fashion, consumerism and brands. As a result of struggling with dyslexia, I developed strong visual skills, so connecting dots, researching trends and immersing myself into other cultures is what I love to do. Thinking differently and doing things in my own creative way is how I work best. This makes me a great link between research and creation.