Our mission —

To mobilise people’s intuition to set new directions.


We believe in —


That only a diverse group of people can bring about impactful change.

Informed intuition

That to trust our gut we need to trial it first.


That those who do not ask will not know.


Our Story —

This Memento was founded in 2009 with one value — curiosity — and one objective — the curation of hyperlocal, people-led insights to help organisations connect with their audiences. Now, a decade later, we are still aiming to do just that.

With offices in Amsterdam and Berlin and countless like-minded partners across the world, we are able to go deeper into markets than ever before. We say that our nifty and diverse team is big enough to cope and small enough to care — And we are intending to keep it that way.

Our personable approach is what enables us to truly immerse ourselves in other people’s worlds; In more popular terms this might be described as empathy. And being advocates of people’s truths, it is part of our mission to be inclusive in order to really take the pulse of local culture and create insights that are multi-facetted, impactful, and sustainable.

Everyone at This Memento is united by inquisitiveness, an observant and analytical nature, but most of all a love for people. In fact, even outside of work, you can find us conducting conversation in a similar manner to how we interact with the people we meet in our job — constantly digging for those hidden pieces of information that inform our intuition.

Ultimately, we are lovers of people and keen listeners of the stories they have to tell us. This is why we love what we do.