This Memento is best described as an immersive insight and strategy agency with offices in Amsterdam and Berlin. We have made it our mission to get under the skin of people by applying anthropological methods to research.

We have recently gotten the opportunity to work on a qualitative research project for one of our clients in Saudi-Arabia. Hence, we are looking for experienced moderation, translation, and talent scout and coordination partners in the area, that have a keen eye for Saudi-Arabian youth culture and trends, as well as sports.

The project would kick off around August/September 2019 and would, amongst other things, include face-to-face interviews in Arabic in Jeddah and Al-Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia, with possible workshops in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Recruiters will be asked to connect us with youth, both men and women, to take part as interviewees in this project. Therefore, it is crucial that you —

  • Have a keen eye for Saudi-Arabian youth culture and trends

  • Have a strong connection to Saudi-Arabian sport and athletes

  • Have a strong awareness and eye for spotting macro and micro trends in Saudi-Arabia

  • Are well-connected and “in the know” about what is going on in Saudi-Arabia

  • Interested in and curious about people

  • Are fluent in Arabic and English

Your general responsibilities would include:

  • Recruitment for projects through your network, as well as online and street recruiting

  • Writing shorter biographies of the talent

  • Coordinating time slots with the talent

  • Connecting us with the recruited talent

  • Translation of materials from Arabic to English and vice-versa

  • Possibly translating simpler face-to-face interaction

If this sounds like you, do not hesitate to send in your resumé along with a cover letter explaining —

  • Your connection to youth culture and sports in Saudi-Arabia

  • 3 youth trends on Saudi-Arabia that you find particularly interesting

  • What parts of your professional background and personality that makes you a perfect fit for this project

  • Your current location and availability to travel

— to