No cookie cutters allowed

We know that every brief that lands on our desk has its own unique DNA, and we believe that as the world progresses so should our methods. Therefore, we aim to always start as a clean slate and uniquely tailor research methodologies to each project.


02 — Collaborating

Hands-on insight gathering

To bridge the gap between brands and their audiences, we encourage our clients to get their hands dirty and dig for the heart of their story. From in-home closet raids, shopalongs, to participating in sport and going out partying, clients shadow us and get immersed in the worlds of people.


03 — Befriending

Meet as equals, leave as friends

We would be nothing without the people we encounter, so it is with great gratitude and respect we enter into their worlds. Knowing that the deepest insights emerge when professionalism is balanced with authentic interaction, we might meet as strangers, but aim to always leave as friends.


04 — Documenting

Creativity that communicates

We say that we collect mementos of the people we meet, whether it be memories, photos, or insights, and we believe in the power of creativity to best convey these encounters. Besides providing photography, video, audio, and bespoke decks, we also deliver muse reels, sizzle films, and documentaries to merge our clients’ worlds with those of their audiences.


05 — Training

Spreading the love

We want to embolden every organisation to positively impact people’s lives, so we love sharing our knowledge. Through speaking engagements and workshops we aim to shed light on the power that research and conversation brings when setting new directions.


06 — Supporting

Not letting go so easily

We say that we are advocates of the people we interview when they are not in the room. So to defend their perspectives, we offer to facilitate and participate in concept workshops as part of every project, to ensure that the organisations we work with are able to positively impact people.


Our services —


  • Ethnographies

  • Shopalongs

  • Focus groups

  • Expert interviews

  • Consumer panels

  • User research

  • Market research

  • Deep-dives


  • Muse profiles

  • Brand strategy

  • Cultural strategy

  • Positioning

  • Brand reset

  • Design thinking

  • Consultancy



  • Storytelling

  • Documentaries

  • Muse films

  • Sizzle films

  • Mood films



  • Workshop facilitation

  • Research education

  • Ideation workshops

  • Creative workshops

  • Speaking engagements